Saturday, 1 September 2012

Living With Us.

Hello darlings~ I thought I would give you all a little update while Will is working and I have no man to distract me. It also means I can blast music to my heart's content at 2am and I have no one to tell me to turn it down, or at least I wont until our neighbours start knocking on the door, and even then I might just accidentally end up turning the music up instead of down. They have tried complaining before but if you knock on our door to complain you will either be greeted by myself or my stone cold man, and neither of us are very agreeable when it comes to being told what to do.

We've had several complaints so far, usually for arguing, playing music and other~ loud noises~. I cant help it if I'm a screamer and my man is an awful lot to handle. Well, I'm not the only loud person but posting about such things regarding my darling usually get me a strict telling off, but between you and me, he's not always the one who plays Tomcat between the two of us.

But yes, we dont recieve complaints very well. We're dead fine with being on the recieving end from each other but other people, not so much. One complaint about noise prompted me buy a megaphone to show them what real noise was, while on another occasion I took to jumping on the bed to bother the neighbours. I'm not the only one, if you're "lucky" enough to have Will open the door for you to complain to you will promptly be told to mind your own business and have the housing listings handed to you from the newspaper after being told that if you have a problem you should either buy earplugs or move. I'm pretty sure he took to newspaper stealing at one point as well. My darling can be dead childish when he's sulking at someone and at the time he always seemed to have a spare paper at work to read. It's not like anyone can kick us out, we own the place, or at least William does, I'm just his live in lover~.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Grell Reads 50 Shades of Grey (Part 1)

Before I start this I know I have been promising this for ages but in the last two weeks I have only managed to get to page 11 and I cant take any more! You should all count yourselves dead lucky that I didnt put my death scythe through the book. I'll skip ahead to the more naughty bits later when I feel like punishing myself again.

As you all know I'm a bit of a fan of literature so that book made me want to cry myself to DEATH within a few pages. I shall write my problems with this book in a list, because I feel like I should be like my man and write everything in adorable bullet points because writing about books is a serious matter, well when they are this chronic it is serious.

  • The story is about Mr Grey and Miss Steele. Clearly the author looked up gray in the thesaurus and decided to use every term for the colour that they possibly could. We should do a head count that something gray is mentioned.
  • The lead character is boring and apparently her friend is more interesting and prettier than she is. Why not write about her friend instead? 
  • Ohh~ This is a big thing that gave me a headache, she got in a lift in the first chapter and it took her UP to the 20th floor with "terminal velocity". That is something that happens when you're falling DOWN. How did it take her up? I'm no expert but I saw the movie Terminal Velocity and I checked wikipedia and there is a lot things about falling in both, and yes it did bother me enough to go look it up to check. I'm a grim reaper after all, I know what makes people go splat when they hit the floor. Physics is dead in the world of this novel. 
  • I dont see why the character's thoughts need to be voiced, especially if they are as eloquent as "Wow" and that is all.
So those are my notes from my first reading of it. If I manage another I'll post up my views. Will must think I have lost the plot googling things that I'm reading about and not looking very happy. He'll be wanting me back to reading Shakespeare again. At least when I read the Bard I look much happier & I recite the love scenes to him. 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Reapers Can Get Hangovers?

Have a picture of my man instead of me just because I think it is simply delicious~

I'm dead sorry for the bit of a wait between updates. I havent properly vanished again, dont you all worry about that. I'm being as good as gold~ ...or at least as good as possible for lil' ole' me. I dont fancy another punishment for being naughty and vanishing for months. Speaking of which it seems you're all very determined to make me read Fifty Shades of Gray. I'll have a little nosy through the first chapter tonight and I'll update you on every chapter I go through, that way I'll save you all the hassle of reading it, though I must say I could probably do the bloody thing justice. I keep thinking it is staring at me from the book shelf. Of course it isnt on an obvious spot on the case because I dont want Will finding it. It might give my man a stroke.

So what did you all miss this week~ Well last time I posted it was before the office party, which went magificently. Though I was a little worse for wear afterward. I didnt know it was possible for grim reapers to get hangovers, so I suppose I finally found my limit with alcohol. I was rather well behaved for a change, well with the usual exception of the occasional intoxicated fumble with my darling. My man might be usually stoic and well behaved but after a little drink or two it is so much easier to make him crack, or at least more willing to ignore his personal rules about being naughty in public places~

I wish I could say Ronald was well behaved, the office party was on Friday but afterward he vanished until Sunday. I have no idea where he wandered off to and he hasnt mentioned it ever since. Such a strange boy. I know this though, during that time my blond partner lost his ID and now I have to buy all his future party supplies for him until it is replaced. He could have anyone else do it but it seems to be me getting bothered the most. Apparently he doesnt look that old to you humans so he keeps getting asked for his ID while he's shopping.

Oh! And in case you've been living under a rock or something and didnt know, the Olympics are in London this year. This is my third time seeing them here in my division and it causes so much overtime with all those people being shipped in to London. Though I must say the event is much bigger than when I last saw it here 64 years ago.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

I thought I would get this cracking early as I have an early death tomorrow morning. I'm a busy maiden after all, people Dying to meet me and all that~ and this one is a juicy one. I cant wait to sink my scythe into such a fabulous mess...but I should stop now before I give out DEATH spoilers. That would be naughty of me~

So I have came to a decision of what to do with that dreadful novel I am now in possession of. I'm going to let you lot make up my mind for me. In case you didnt notice I added a little poll in the corner. Reading that ghastly thing shall be my punishment for neglecting my audience for all of May and June. I'll even share my opinion of it. So if you want this little reaper's narrition of Fifty Shades of Grey give the poll a click. Why do I do such things to myself? 

Well other than dreading what you're going to vote for me all day I have spent my day reaping and trying not to reap Ronald while I'm at it. I might not be the biggest fan of my blond partner but I'm even less of a fan when he's been playing the same CD in his office on a loop for the last few days in a row. It is getting to the point that I am starting to know what order the tracks are in and I hear it when it is turned off! I've complained to Will and all he's done is give Ronald a cerfuw for his music. My man might not care but he isnt the one who has an office next door to that little brat. This is why I hate young'uns they have no respect or consideration for others around them. I might just sneak in and introduce his CD player to my darling death scythe~ They could get to know each other intimately~

Oh! And speaking of music, we're having an office party on Friday since it has been a while since we had one. I'm dragging Ronnie shopping on Thursday as I am in the need to buy a few pretty things to doll myself up with. It will be a fabulous occasion to take my new boots out for a spin, they've only been worn while twirling around the house so far~ I need to pop their cherry and that will be the best night to do it. I just hope the heels are suitable for stumbling home in.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Happy Now~?

I was having a little browse through the part of my blog that tells me where all my views come from and I found something Dead interesting. I have a very naughty collection of fans. Oh well who am I to judge, who doesnt have a slightly dodgy internet search history? I'm quite used to finding things such as "Grell William having sex" or "Hot Ronald Knox" cropping up in the little section that tells me how people found my darling blog but now "Shirtless Grell Sutcliff" has managed to make it into the top 5 searched things to find my blog. So I thought I would them out of their searching misery and post a shirtless picture. 

I pride myself on being a (somewhat) respectable maiden on my little section of the internet and I dont post any images of myself naked. Also my man would probably kill me for doing such a thing. He doesnt like to share, but I thought a little peek wouldnt hurt. I'm pretty sure my fellow reapers have already seen me shirtless (office parties, dont ask) so it should be fine with my darling~

 Other than posting about that my day has been like every other Sunday, I spent it watching slasher movies with a book and cup of strawberry tea. Such a peaceful day before the busy work week~

Oh! I received a little gift from Ronald the other day I forgot to tell you all about. is more of a dare than an actual pleasant present but my plain partner gave me a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. From what I have heard about it it is quite the Deadly disaster of a novel so I'm not quite sure whether to read it and see what all the fuss is about, or to reap it. Does anyone want to make my mind up for me~?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Shakespeare Kills People

Thank you all for making me feel like the only procrastinator in the big wide world. I didnt expect any of you to go write your own lists, barvo my darlings~ How wonderful you all are at audience participation. I applaud you all, not just the list writers. And since I'm not the only one who would happily procrastinate themselves to DEATH I claim the title of the queen of procrastination.

I'm going to state the obvious and say today was Saturday, which meant no work for me and I got to spend the day having one of my little me days around town. I popped out on the hunt for a decent black eyeshadow and came home with four books and no makeup. What a pity, but at least I'll be a little more well read. I must admit to being a little lacking when it comes to modern literature because I can be a bit fussy when it comes to reading something that isnt the Bard's work or something a little darker. Though I have read my fair share of juicy modern crime novels. My new paperbound babies are just that type of novel but I thought I would share them with you all because the idea simply facinated me (and I'm a tad jealous I didnt think of doing it myself); murdering people in a similar fashion to deaths in Shakespeare's plays. I might take note in case I ever feel like having a bit of fun and seeing how they work out in reality~ I've been awfully well behaved since being Jack the Ripper.

I get the feeling that those books might take me a while to read because when I got them home they put me in the mood to read the Scottish Play and when I was done with that I watched Romeo and Juliet. The next thing I knew it was late at night and Will had went to bed without me. I shall have to go wake him with kisses and whisper sonnets to him before we drift off.

Friday, 13 July 2012

The Process of Procrastination

I was going to write a completely different than this one but I spent the entire day procrastinating from doing it and I thought writing down what I have been doing instead would be more entertaining. You would think being a god of DEATH would make it impossible for me to be bored but nope, I've had the most quiet day in the world with only a little bit of work and a blog that I promised my self I would write to fill my time but this is what I did instead. 

My Process of Blog Writing! (Aka Things I do when I have something to do that isnt procrastinating)

  1. Turn on my ugly work laptop that I havent got around to replacing yet. 
  2. Open up blogger & read comments.
  3. Spend far too long trying to find that song I heard one time that I cant remember any of the proper lyrics to and I dont know the name of the band or the actual song.
  4. Go see what William is doing. (He was  being Dead exciting and doing the dishes in case you want to know)
  5. Yell at Will for buying me the wrong strawberry yoghurt when he went grocery shopping today.
  6. Sulk at Will for arguing back & smacking me with a wooden spoon. 
  7. Make up with my man which took a few hours and involved doing rather unhygenic things to each other on the kitchen floor. 
  8. Play that fabulous post-love game of "where did you throw my clothes?". 
  9. Move my laptop so I can play with it while using Will as a head rest while he reads on the sofa.
  10. Remeber that I havent used my tumblr account in ages and play with that
  11. Recieve soothing, shiver inducing scalp scratches and pets from my man because I'm his pussy cat~ 
  12. Fall asleep due to being petted.
  13. Get kicked off Will's lap for giving him pins and needles. 
  14. Let Will go check on his work things for tomorrow morning while I go back to tumblr.
  15. Stare at blogger some more. 
  16. Remember that yoghurt I complained about? Yeah I decided to eat it.
  17. Check my office email even if no one is currently in my department at this time of night and I live with my boss. 
  18. Watch makeup tutorials. 
  19. Somehow end up wandering off to the bathroom to play with my hair.
And after all those points I'm left sitting with a perfectly done updo in the middle of the night and no where to wear it to. At least I got something written. If any of my darling readers ever wondered why I having problems posting at times I'm not busy that list of points should answer that question. I adore my deadly adorable blog I really do~ It is just when it is open the rest of the world just looks so shiny and interesting and Will is deliciously distracting. I'm blaming his looks for being distracting. It's Will's fault.

I'm I the only horrible procrastinator in the world~? Or are the members of my audience just as bad~?